Founded in 1963 by Donald and Doris Ledyard we are a family owned business that shares the same core values as our surrounding communities. For nearly 20 years the business had been under management outside that of the family. We are happy to announce that in 2010, the business ownership and operations have been returned to the family. We are excited about our return and fully intend to restore the great products and service our customers have always deserved.


Your piece of mind will come from knowing we are one of very few local processors that are USDA licensed, meaning we have a USDA inspector in house during our hours of the processing.This requires us to meet the most stringent of guidelines to supply our products to all the markets we serve.


Owner Grover Dietrich pictured with his grandmother Doris, the former owner and founder of Hillsdale County Meats.

Hillsdale County Meats

Piece of Mind